Know The Artist

For over 30 years, Janine Louise has been a professional artist, creating unique one-of-a-kind art pieces.

While attending art school, she had the opportunity to work in a stained-glass studio. Janine Louise quickly became the lead artist, designing unique stained-glass windows, lamps, and other glass art pieces. While perfecting and transforming her work at the glass studio, Janine Louise discovered ceramics.

Deciding to leave the stained-glass studio after 15 years, Janine Louise began to explore the varied areas and opportunities that ceramics presented with clays, textures, and glazes. Studying with many of the leading ceramic artists of the time, Janine Louise began experimenting with the use of colored clays to produce museum quality Monoprints. Janine Louise’s unique style landed her Monoprints in gallery showings in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  Recently, Janine Louise Ceramics has moved to Washington State.  Janine Louise is currently working on a new series that will be added to this website.  

Janine Louise’s skill and understanding of the use of textures and colors has led her to create the unique, contemporary ceramic pieces that you see on this website. Each one-of-a-kind porcelain piece combines Janine Louise’s vision of patterns and colors. Each ceramic piece creates a visual sense of movement and fluidity, inviting further exploration of the work and the statement it is making.

Each hand-crafted ceramic piece is created using quality porcelain or Stoneware, fired to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in Janine Louise’s studio.

It has been said that “artists are born and not made.” They have an inborn talent and skill to see the world with a different sight. Janine Louise endeavors to bring her vision to ceramic pieces that everyone can explore and enjoy.